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About the School

The dance school was founded in New York by Padmabushan Smt. Kamala Lakshmi Narayanan (a.k.a. "Kumari Kamala"), the foremost exponent of the Vazhuvoor tradition of Bharatha Natyam. Padmabushan Kamala is the ideal combination of Dancer and Guru.

About Kamala

Born on June 16, 1934, with a career span of more than five decades on the stage and three on the silver screen, Kamala, the prime disciple of Natyacharya Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai, is acknowledged as the foremost exponent of the 'Vazhuvoor Bani', a style characterized by grace, finesse and aesthetic appeal. Read more about Kamala
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Kamala Lakshmi Narayanan has been awarded the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship 2010 in the Traditional and Folk Arts category.
Here is a link with the official announcement from the NEA

NEA National Heritage Fellowships concert. Check the news page for more details.

Classes and Locations

If you are interested in joining a dance class look at our: Class Schedules We offer classes in:

  • Summit NJ
  • Princeton NJ
  • Edison NJ
  • Long Island NY
  • Westchester NY